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Slint | Good Morning Captain

I don’t really like this song, except for the part at the end where he screams, “I miss you.” It’s just because of this part that I listen to this song at all. I mean, the song is okay, it’s very monotone in a way, but then, at the end, when he is screaming it feels all the more intense. It’s probably just because most of the song is so oddly apathetic that the end has such an intense feeling to it. In the end the song sort of shatters into pieces. I like that. If I had to name one emotion this song conveys I think it would be despair. And I’m just talking about the music and voice and how it is sung, not about the lyrics. Anyway, I am not sure I even know what I’m talking here. I don’t even know why I am posting this. Blahblah.

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